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Did you know there are 3 different types of tyre tread patterns.
Directional, asymmetrical and non directional.

Directional mean they can only travel in one direction so once they are fitted if they need rotating they either have to stay on the same side of the vehicle or be turned on the rim.

Asymmetrical means the tyre has an inside and an outside, these are marked on the tyre. The outside of the tyre must be fitted to the outside of the rim. These are the most common in sedan and SUV tyres. Once the tyre is fitted to the rim it can be fitted anywhere on the vehicle.

Lastly, non directional, these can be fitted either way on the rim and anywhere on the vehicle. They can be helpful if you have issues with your wheel alignment and your tyres scrubbing as if caught in time the tyre can be flipped on the rim before it becomes unroadworthy.

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