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About Us

My name’s Cleo and I own a tyre shop in a small town in country Victoria. As a tyre dealer I have many phone calls each week from both local customers and people right across the state and even further looking for second hand tyres, mostly tractor tyres but truck and others as well. As we all know good second hand tyres can be hard to come by. Your typical farmer certainly doesn’t take them off while they are still good so they are in high demand, we’ve all heard before “but the tractor isn’t worth that” when quoting on a new set of tyres. We do have a few lying around but having the right size is nearly impossible.

I’d hate to add up the time wasted by both the customer and the retailer trying to source second hand tyres every year. Because of this frustration I decided to do something about it so I’ve created a website marketplace to buy and sell second hand tyres. The site is aimed at both the customer and the retailer for both buying and selling. Plenty of people take their old tyres home with them with the intention of using them again one day but it never happens and they lie around for years even after the equipment is gone. Why not make some money out of them, help someone else out and clean up the yard at the same time.

It’s very early days, advertising is free for the first few months to try and get it moving but hopefully it takes off and makes the job easier for everyone. Once charging starts then packages will be available if you have multiple tyres to advertise, or single ads will be available for $10 each. Please help make this work by advertising anything you have available and spreading the word.